September: Friday’s Adoption Pet 11/25/16

Name:  September

Breed: Calico Tabby mix

Age:  1-to-2 years of age

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:  Animal Rescuers Without Borders

Phone:  619-977-3593



This sweet mama cat named September, was rescued from the streets along with her 6 kittens, all of whom have been adopted. September is loving and is ok with dogs and other cats, but she doesn’t like to be overwhelmed by them.  While she was an excellent mother who adored her kittens, she’d probably be thrilled to be the only kitty in her home, especially if it means getting all the attention for herself.  She’s currently residing at the Cat Adoption Center inside the Clairemont Petsmart store, where you can meet her any day of the week.  However, we’d love to get her out of a cage and into a loving home as soon as possible.  September is a playful, indoor-only lap-cat, and you can find out about adopting or fostering her on the Animal Rescuers Without Borders website. Even if you’re not ready to adopt a cat permanently, they’d love to increase their foster home base so that they can save even more animals in the new year.  Go to for adoption or foster applications, or to find out more information about their many adoptable cats and dogs.

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