Skippy: Thursday’s Adoption Pet 11/17/16

Name:  Skippy

Breed:  Chihuahua mix

Age:  4 years old

Sex:  Neutered Male

Organization:  El Cajon Animal Shelter, 1275 N. Marshall Street in El Cajon

Phone: (619) 441-1580 or (619) 579-3375



Skippy is a 4-year-old Chihuahua mix available for adoption at the El Cajon Animal Shelter.  He came to the shelter with a fractured pelvis and femoral head fracture.  God only knows what happened to him.  Thankfully, he received the medical care and surgery he needed to heal.  Now, Skippy’s ready to find a family of his own.  Through all his hardship, he’s remained in good spirits.  He enjoys attention and gets along with the other dogs at the shelter.  He’s such a sweet boy they even trust him with children.  He’s still not putting all his weight on his repaired leg, but with time, patience and a caring environment, he should start using it more.  Skippy is definitely a favorite at the shelter and he’s sure to bring joy to his new home.  By the way, Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas are the two most over-represented breeds in our shelters?  That’s because they are the most overbred and abused breeds out there.  And it’s just as hard to find a tiny Chihuahua a home as it is a big Pittie, because with the sheer number of them out there, the odds are simply against them.  So please, spay and neuter your dogs.  Take advantage of the many low cost programs out there, and help us win the battle.  Find out more at the El Cajon Shelter on North Marshall Street.  Open Tuesday through Saturday 10-to-5.

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