Sophie: Tuesday’s Adoption Pet 3/21/17

Name of dog:  Sophie

Breed:  Maltese

Age: 8 years old

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:   Maltese & More Rescue

Phone:   858-349-5918



This is Sophie’s second time on TV.  We didn’t have any luck with her first debut as she was so scared and shaky that she probably didn’t appeal to a lot of people.  It’s true that this little 6-pound, purebred Maltese is shy and frightens easily when there’s a lot of noise and activity going on around her, but if you could only see her in her foster home, you’d see another side of her…the one her foster mom has fallen in love with.  In a quiet home environment with a retired person, Sophie is as sweet and loving as can be.  She’s completely house-trained and walks like a dream on a leash.  She’s easy to bathe, and just so happy to be by your side.  It’s true that children and other dogs are a little overwhelming for her, but if you enjoy a quiet lifestyle, you couldn’t ask for a better companion.  She’s affectionate and respectful, with a soft bark, which she uses sparingly.  Sophie is a happy, healthy, 8 year old, which is considered a “senior” in dog years, so she qualifies for the Senior to Senior program, which means a discounted adoption fee for a senior who wants to adopt her.  Please contact Maltese And More at 858-349-5918, or you can go to


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