State agencies considering new water restrictions

(San Diego) California’s extreme drought has been going on for five years. Water saving measures were put in place but when communities eased up on restrictions, so did people.

Several state agencies have come up with a new plan to create more 10pPLAZADEPANAMA-Amanda-imagewater restrictions. The whole idea is to make conservation efforts from the past couple of years permanent, so there’s enough water to go around.

Water is a limited resource in California. It’s gotten so bad, when some people turn on their facets, there’s nothing coming out. To make sure there’s enough water for everyone, state agencies released a new plan which would make it harder to waste water. Nicole Capretz, Executive Director of Climate Action Campaign, supports tougher water restrictions.

“We 100% agree. It’s absolutely essential that we’re doing everything we can to preserve our water supply because unfortunately with the climate crisis water supplies are not going to be increasing, they’re going to be decreasing,” says Nicole Capretz, Executive Director of Climate Action Campaign.

Under the proposed plan, emergency water restrictions would become permanent. The restrictions mean people won’t be able to hose down sidewalks and driveways, cars can only be washed using a hose with a shut-off nozzle, fountains must use  re-circulated water and you can’t water lawns within 24-hours of it raining. State water agencies want stricter standards because when emergency restrictions were lifted people stopped saving as much.

“We need everybody to step up and do their part,” adds Capretz, ”We’re all in this together.”

In San Diego County, people are doing a good job conserving water. It’s why restrictions here have been lifted, but with some areas still wasting water, environmentalists say more needs to be done.

“We still have a lot of education and outreach to do to let people know that the water supply is not going to be increasing, that we have to do with less,” says Capretz.

The State Water Resources Control Board is asking for the public’s opinion on the plan. If you would like to comment, all you have to do is send an email to no later than December 19th.

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