State Senator Joel Anderson is optimistic about politics in 2017

(CW6 San Diego) – A lot of changes in state legislature is on it’s way now that we transitioned from 2016. Though, State Senator Joel Anderson is positive about the 2017 political year.

There will be a lot of changes, but a lot of the changes we will have to get use to, says Anderson.

Topics Anderson discussed:

SB 927 authorizes the board of directors of a public utility district (PUD) within San Diego County to elect directors by sub-districts.

Privacy data is being released without peoples knowledge. Officials are holding California to the same rules and regulations that is held on any private company.

“Your privacy is very important,” says Anderson.

SB 759 takes off on the idea that once inmates have served their time, they will be released back into society. But nothing is being done for those who are still in isolation.

SB 759 repeals the provision of law that makes inmates placed in a Security Housing Unit (SHU), or other specified segregation units ineligible to earn credits. Instead it will require the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to establish regulations to allow those inmates to earn credits.

Inmates will then be more prepared for release after earning credits within the walls of a prison.


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