Static: Monday’s Adoption Pet 2/6/17

Name:  Static

Breed:  Great Pyrenees mix

Age:  1 year old

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:  Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California

Phone:  949-244-1000


We’re counting down to Cupids and Canines with Static…a 12-month-old Great Pyrenees mix weighing in at 80-pounds and GROWING!  She isn’t just a pretty face…she’s also very sweet. She already knows sit, come, and wait. She’s well on her way to being house and crate trained. Static is a relaxed girl who’s good with all people, dogs and cats! She’s a couch potato who loves to be with family. She’s still learning to get into the car, but once she’s in, she’s quiet and polite. Like all girls, she loves shoes…so it’s best to keep her preoccupied with chew-toys.  She’s also developed a taste for people food, so you have to watch that she doesn’t make off with your snacks. Mostly, Static is a quiet, sweet, affectionate girl who loves belly rubs. She smiles a lot, too. She is a big, shy baby who warms up quickly. She’ll thrive in a calm family environment with people who will socialize her.  Static is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. If you like big mutts, meet this girl at the Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California Booth at the Cupids and Canines MEGA Adoption Event this Sunday.  But don’t wait until then to fill out an app!  You can do that right now at


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