Tijuana artist works on major project along U.S./Mexico border fence

TIJUANA, Mexico – In the early days of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists and criminals and continuously talked about building a wall and insisted Mexico would pay for it.

Now, that he’s been elected many people across the border are concerned for their future.

However today, the president-elect asked Americans for guidance and helps so that we can work together and unifies the country.

Over the last six years Enrique Chiu has put a lot of effort into hiding the 18 foot fence that divides Mexico from the United States.

“It’s like rusty wall and ugly wall, you know I want to use to make something nicer,” he said.

The artist who moved to Tijuana from San Diego ten years ago is creating a mural that stretches about 20-city blocks.  He’s making it appear as if there is no wall …to help bring people from both regions together.

“I think it’s every important for the people to get together and think, so we can make it happen whatever we want here // try to make something happen here, better,” he said.

The Mexican government allows him to paint on the fence as long as it’s on the Mexico side. U.S. officials have denied his requests to paint on the American side.

“For them, it’s a wall to limit the country but for us we know it’s a wall but we try to make something different,” said Chiu.

He worries his colorful message will be for nothing – if president elect Trump gets his wish and builds another wall here. His defeat over Hillary Clinton has everyone talking about that possibility.

“Donald Trump for me no good,” said one man.

“It’s going to be harder for the people in Mexico, a lot of people are not going to go to San Diego to invest and buy stuff,” said another person traveling to the U.S. from Mexico.

“There are people that are scared, even like now where the dollar is up for people like me who pays rent in dollars is really bad you know,” said Chiu.

But for this artist, he sees a potential wall as an opportunity to paint.

“If he put another wall, we’re going to paint it. It’s another canvas,” he said.

800 artists from Mexico and the U.S. have already signed up to help paint the mural. Work is scheduled to start in December.

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