Trucking companies are recruiting more women

trucking111SAN DIEGO – There is a shift taking place inside truck driving classes across the country.  The number of women registering to take the wheel of a big rig is growing.

The American Trucking Associations are expecting a severe shortage of drivers over the next few years as baby boomers retire and many companies have already hit the road, working to recruit more women.

In the last three years, Nancy Bennett has visited 45 states, all behind the wheel of a 40-ton truck.

“I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and I’ve met some really wonderful people out there,” said truck driver, Nancy Bennett.

Before becoming a commercial driver, Bennett worked in the accounting department of a local hospital.  Now her office has 18-wheels.

“I got tired of sitting behind a computer screen and I knew there was more to life out there than what I was doing and I figured it was now or never and I wanted to knock it out of my bucket list,” she said.

The Western Truck School in Spring Valley has had an influx of women trainees from those just leaving the military to moms looking for a change of scenery.

“The truck driving industry offers them the opportunity with a short term education, with income revenues $40-50,000 the first year,” said Dawn Williams, San Diego Branch Manager at the Western Truck School.

trucking22222The American Trucking Associations are facing a shortfall of 48,000 drivers right now and that number is predicted to quadruple in ten years.

“As long as you have a class a license, you will never have to worry about being unemployed,” said Reggie Cosby, senior admissions representative for United Truck Driving School.

The school helps new drivers find work in the industry,  but trucking is not for everybody.

San Diego State University career advisor Kristie Dock says you should do your homework before committing to any new career full-time.

“No matter if your 25 or 55 years old to make sure that you understand the commitment its going to take to make that change, you’re doing that research and if the time is right, the time is right, don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she said.

Getting your commercial driver’s license to be a truck driver could take as little as four weeks – and that will cost you close to $5,000.

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