Trudie: Monday’s Adoption Pet 3/20/17

Name:  Trudie

Breed:  Border Terrier/Fox Terrier

Age:  2 years old

Sex:  Spayed Female

Organization:  Animal Rescuers Without Borders

Phone:  619-977-3593



Trudie is a very sweet but under-socialized girl who wound up at a shelter after being relinquished by her owners, along with two other dogs.  Fortunately, Animal Rescuers Without Borders pulled her from the shelter so that she could go into a foster home where someone could work with her on becoming better socialized.  Trudie is good with other dogs and cats, and she warms up to women once she gets comfortable with them, but she’s very unsure of men.  A family with teenagers might be good for her, but toddlers would probably scare her too much.  Once she trusts someone, she’ll seek them out for attention.  Trudie loves getting belly-rubs from people she knows, and she’ll gently touch you with her paw to remind you not to stop petting her…she’ll thank you with kisses. She does well in the car and on a leash, also she’s crate-trained.  She’s very smart and well-behaved and will make a good dog-park visitor.  Whether you’re interested in adopting Trudie forever, or just becoming the temporary foster who would be willing to teach her the ropes and pull her out of her shell until a forever-family can be found, go to to fill out an application.


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