Ty: Monday’s Adoption Pet 09/26/16

TYName: TY
Breed: Yorkie mix
Age: 5 yrs old
Sex: Neutered Male
Organization: Scratch My Belly
Phone: 858-344-2423
Website: www.scratchmybelly.org

Meet TY, he’s a super loving and friendly 5-year-old Yorkie mix. He’s fun and playful and will do well in a home with another dog or kids. His foster family reports that he’s house-trained, and the perfect indoor dog who is trustworthy when left alone at home, and he sleeps quietly in his bed all night. He’s also not a barker and smart as a whip.  It didn’t take him any time at all to learn to stay off the furniture.  Ty was purchased by his previous family at a puppy store.  But recently they brought in a new bulldog who didn’t like Ty, so they were keeping Ty in their car.  Fortunately, a neighbor noticed him and convinced the family to let her take Ty to a rescue who can find him a proper home.  Now, Ty is in a loving Scratch My Belly foster home where he loves everyone he meets, big and small, including all other dogs.  He’s fun on walks, and will be an excellent dog to take to Dog Beach.  As a plus, his foster mom says he doesn’t shed much as all, and might be a great choice for someone who’s sensitive to dog fur. If you’re interested in meeting Ty, please contact Scratch My Belly rescue at 858-344-24-23 or go to ScratchMyBelly.org for more information.  He’s neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready for a home!

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